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A New Round of Brexit Talks in Brussels Next Week

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Trade talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union are reported to continue in Brussels next week. That is after the informal deadline set by the parties this weekend.


Sources about the negotiations reported this to the Bloomberg news agency. Despite the fact that an agreement has not yet been reached, the negotiators would see sufficient leads to continue talking.

Since Monday, work has been going on around the clock in London to reach an agreement. If it were to come to a deal this week, both sides would have plenty of time to get the necessary approvals before the UK leaves the single European market for good on December 31.

The time for a trade agreement is running out, as the United Kingdom and the European Parliament have to ratify agreements concluded before the end of the year. The British Parliament is expected to need a few days for this.

EU countries need more time. European policymakers would like to see the text examined in different committees before proceeding to a vote. The latter can be done during the last plenary meeting this year. It starts on December 14.

Last weekend, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said there are still differences that need to be bridged. For example, there are still disputes about access to British fishing waters and a level playing field for businesses.

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