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Biden: Trump is An Idiot Because He Doesn’t Wear A Face Mask

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Democratic candidate for President of the United States, Joe Biden, lashed out at President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask during Memorial Day ceremonies. Biden did that himself.


“The President is an idiot, an absolute idiot if he is not wearing a face mask yet. The President’s macho stuff costs lives,” the former vice president said in a conversation with CNN.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many states are considering taking measures to organize the presidential election differently.

One of the alternatives is voting by post. The Democrats are in favour of this, while Trump’s Republicans are vehemently opposed to it because there would be too much risk of fraud.

Biden said he finds it hypocritical that the President reject votes by mail without providing evidence that it is susceptible to fraud.

“The President is constantly lying about voting by mail. While he sends his voting form for Florida from Washington himself.”

The Democratic candidate reappeared in public for the first time since March 15 on Monday at a commemoration in the town of New Castle in his home state of Delaware.

He had stayed indoors for more than two months so far because of the anti-coronavirus measures.

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