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British Justice is Accused of Discrimination: Youth Murderers are Biased

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British Justice is Accused of Discrimination: Youth Murderers are Biased. According to media analysis data in the United Kingdom, one in four black teenagers sentenced to murder in the country was sentenced to the highest sentence of imprisonment.

This white teenager, who was convicted of manslaughter, was not sentenced to more than ten years in prison, and most of them were sentenced to prison for no more than four years. The outside world believes that black criminals are suspected of being discriminated against.

The Independent reported the figures from 2009 to 2017 and came to the findings that the anger of a group of lawmakers and rights activists that the police have long accumulated discrimination against the black community.

The judiciary also more severe punishments imposed on criminals have led them to hope that they will change their lives and re-establish their lives in the future.

Figures show that there are 73 cases in which black teenagers in the United Kingdom were sentenced to imprisonment for murder. The ratio is much higher than that of white teenagers.

Most of them are sentenced to life. The analysis figures for the same period pointed out that 52% of the white teenagers accused of murder were only sentenced to manslaughter, which means that their sentence will be shorter and they will still have the opportunity to re-establish their lives after they are released from prison.

Even if he was convicted of misconduct, 23% of young black offenders were sentenced to more than ten years, but none of the white juvenile offenders was sentenced to more than ten years.

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