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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Condition Improves After Third Night on IC

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Things are getting better with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is in intensive care with COVID-19. The prime minister’s spokesperson said that Johnson had a good night and is doing well.


The prime minister has been in hospital since Sunday and was transferred to IC on Monday evening.

“The prime minister is doing well. He can contact people if necessary,” said the spokesman.

In Johnson’s absence, Secretary of State Dominic Raab is empowered to make decisions about extending or easing the lockdown.

Raab chairs a crisis council on Thursday to determine whether the lockdown should last longer. British media reported on Thursday that the measures would be extended by three weeks.

“The focus now should be on reducing the number of new infections,” said Johnson spokesman. That was in response to Labor leader Keir Starmer’s call for a strategy to get out of the lockdown. “We are at a critical point, and the peak is yet to come.”

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