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British Prime Minister: Virus Control Lockdowns Before New Year

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With new, strict corona measures announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in parliament, the government wants to ensure that the coronavirus is under control before the end of the year and hopefully before Christmas.


This is what Culture Minister Oliver Dowden told SkyNews. Johnson consults with the Special Emergency Situations Committee (Cobra) and then presents the new lockdowns, which mainly affect the North West of England, to parliamentarians.

The Prime Minister, along with Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and the committee’s medical man, Professor Chris Witty, will speak to the press and the population in front of his official residence.

The latest plan against the spread of the coronavirus in England is based on a three-pronged classification of areas based on the level of stretch identified. There, average alertness (1), high alertness (2) or a lot of attention (3) is expected.

The measures have met with widespread criticism in the North West of England, which fears the lockdowns will be hit hardest.

The government is, among others, in difficult negotiations with the metropolis of Liverpool about compensation for the damage that Liverpool and the surrounding area will suffer as a result of the corona measures.

Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, has angrily said that the government is taking action without any serious consultation. Liverpool had six hundred infections per 100,000 inhabitants at the beginning of October. The average in England is 74.

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