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Charges Against Trump’s Lawyer Giuliani for Defamation

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A voting machine manufacturer has filed a defamation suit against Rudy Giuliani, the top attorney for US ex-President Trump.


Giuliani repeatedly claimed that the results of the Nov. 3 presidential election, which Trump lost, had been messed with.

Canadian / US company Dominion Voting Systems, which also makes electronic voting software, calls Giuliani’s allegations of fraud false.

The firm had already filed lawsuits against the Trump campaign team and former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell. Dominion also blames them for spreading false election conspiracy theories.

Last week, a group of prominent lawyers already went to court with a request to suspend Giuliani as a lawyer. They claim he has made false claims in court cases about the election results.

The lawyers are also demanding action because Giuliani allegedly incited Trump supporters shortly before they stormed parliament in Washington.

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