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China is Still Determining How and When WHO Will Investigate Coronavirus Origins

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The World Health Organization General Assembly, announced as turbulent, has fizzled out. Chinese President Xi Jinping will be most satisfied with the outcome.


The leader of the world power from the Far East successfully played the good cop, the leader from the West seemed to be the bad cop.

Xi Jinping, from the country where the coronavirus started, promised everything and especially extra billions to the ailing WHO.

Donald Trump, from the country hardest hit by the same virus, was in danger of turning his back on that organization.

It is not surprising that the hard demand from the United States for an “immediate investigation” into the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan did not make it to most Member States.

Trump’s request – and Europe – to restore Taiwan’s observer status to the WHO has also been rejected. The island is very successful in the fight against the virus but is not recognized by China.

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