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European Brexit Negotiator Paints A Very Bleak Picture of the Negotiations With London

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Due to the corona crisis, we would dare to forget: Brexit. Although the United Kingdom is officially no longer a member of the European Union, future trade relations are still under negotiation.


And those talks have been tough, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said at a news conference.

Since 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom no longer belongs to the European Union.

But until the end of this year, there is a transitional period in which the British still have to comply with European market rules.

The aim is to reach a comprehensive agreement on future trade relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union during that transitional period.

In principle, there must, therefore, be an agreement by the end of this year; otherwise, there will be a lot of trade barriers between Europe and the UK.

The transition period can be extended, but the British do not like that. And it doesn’t look all that good.

“We have made no significant progress during the last round of negotiations,” EU negotiator Barnier said at a news conference on the latest state of affairs.

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