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IMF Has Revised Up Its Economic Estimates for the United States

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised up its economic estimates for the United States.


Due to the corona crisis, the organization is still very bleak in its forecast for the largest economy in the world, but the picture looks a little less dark after a thorough investigation than the significant June estimate.

The US economy is likely to shrink by 6.6 percent this year, the surveyors now say. In 2021, the economy will pick up again by 3.9 percent.

Last month, the IMF forecast an economic contraction of 8 percent this year, followed by a 4.5 percent recovery next year.

The adjustment follows a more extensive investigation into the state of the American economy.

The IMF does such a study every once in a while, and it was now the US’s turn. The IMF researchers point out that the new predictions are still very uncertain.

A new large-scale lockdown could just throw a spanner in the works, and in recent days the number of new corona infections in the country has been increasing rapidly.

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