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Israel Sends Extra Tanks to the Syrian Border

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Israel Sends Extra Tanks to the Syrian Border. Due to the offensive of the Syrian regime in the southwest of Syria, a massive influx of refugees has started at the border. Netanyahu says he does not accept refugees, reports GOK News.


Israel sent extra tanks and artillery to the Golan Heights on Sunday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported this on Sunday. With the support of Russia, the Syrian regime is increasingly fighting the Free Syrian Army and IS in the border area with Israel and Jordan.

Netanyahu said he did not want to interfere in the Syrian war, but he tried to guard the border. “We will not allow access to our territory.” Israel had previously intervened in the Syrian war with air attacks on Iranian targets and Hezbollah militias.

Netanyahu also said that Israel would “provide humanitarian aid as far as possible”. Due to the offensive of Assad’s army in the region around Deraa – the city where the Syrian revolution erupted in 2011 – about 120,000 people fled last month. They are stuck at the border with Jordan and the Golan Heights occupied by Israel since 1967, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Friday.

Since 2016, Israel has provided humanitarian assistance to Syrians in the border area, hoping to preserve the peace. The Israeli army said that this aid has increased in recent days as hundreds of Syrian refugees arrive every day. At the same time, Netanyahu has said he will not take any of them. However, six wounded Syrians, including four children, were taken to an Israeli hospital.

Jordan is also stirring. Part of the massive flow of refugees is moving towards the border with the Jordanian kingdom. On Sunday, peace negotiations between the Free Syrian Army and Russian military envoys under Jordanian leadership were resumed after being interrupted on Saturday because the Russians demanded complete surrender and the Free Syrian Army did not want to go along with this demand. Violent air raids continue in the meantime around Deraa.

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