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Majority Of Dutch People Want Smoking Bans

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Majority of Dutch people want Smoking bans in Places with Children. Seven out of ten Dutch people want a smoking ban in more places where many children come, according to a study into support for tobacco-discouraging measures on Monday.


KWF Kankerbestrijding commissioned the survey by research agency Kantar.

A vast majority of respondents are in favour of a smoking ban at children’s farms,

 school grounds of high schools, playgrounds and outdoor sports grounds.

The environment of daycare centres, outdoor swimming pools, football stadiums,

 amusement parks and platforms should, according to most respondents, become entirely smoke-free.

To prevent young people from smoking, 71 percent want cigarettes not to be visible in the range of shops.

More than three quarters want a more active anti-smoking policy in the Netherlands.

‘The government must ensure that young people do not smoke’
Of the 1,127 adults surveyed, 80 percent believe that the government should take measures to prevent young people from starting to smoke.

There is also a majority who want companies to work for the concept of ‘smoke-free generation’.

Half of the people want to take action themselves by entering into conversations with children,

 signing petitions and addressing smokers in the neighbourhood of children.

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