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Microsoft Ads Reach Billion People

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The ads of Microsoft’s network reach a billion people worldwide. That is what the company itself says.


Microsoft’s advertising network posts on sites like Bing, Outlook.com, AOL, MSN.com, Yahoo, and others. The tech giant now says that it reached a billion people for the first time last year. The figures are based on internal data and ComScore.

According to Microsoft, a lot of this is about ‘overlapped audience’, which means that a user visits different sites of the same brand. Think, for example, of Windows users who are also on MSN or Bing.

With a target audience of one billion, Microsoft is not yet fully aware of Facebook (2.4 billion according to its own figures) and Google (1 billion users per month). Still, it is a very large market, and perhaps more than expected.

The company recently acquired an ad marketplace, Xandr, which it may use to expand its market share.

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