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Russia and Iran Denounce Britain’s Expansion of Nuclear Arsenal

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A planned expansion of the British nuclear arsenal is falling badly in Russia and Iran. Moscow says the plan is detrimental to “international stability”.


Iranian Foreign Minister blames British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for hypocrisy.

The British government announced the new policy on nuclear weapons this week. The British were downsizing their arsenal, but that is coming to an end. The UK has an estimated 195 nuclear warheads, according to the BBC. That number would drop to 180 in the coming years but may now be expanded to 260.

The Kremlin was disappointed on Wednesday. A spokesman said he regretted the British opting for more nuclear warheads. He called the existence of nuclear weapons a global threat to peace.

Iran has reacted fiercely before. “Complete hypocrisy. Boris Johnson says he is” concerned that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon “on the same day that he announces that his country will expand the amount of nuclear weapons,” Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.

He stated that Iran does believe that nuclear weapons are “barbaric and should be destroyed”.

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