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Russian Prime Minister Medvedev Announces Departure of the Government

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has announced the resignation of his government. President Vladimir Putin will put together a new government, the prime minister said.


Medvedev immediately announced his new job. He becomes the second man of the Russian National Security Council.

Not long after the announcement of the departing prime minister, Putin announced that he wanted to introduce Mikhail Mishustin (53), head of the Russian tax authorities, as a new prime minister. Mishustin is said to have accepted the offer.

The Medvedev announcement came today shortly after Putin gave his annual speech to Parliament and announced his intention to make constitutional changes. With his unexpected departure, Medvedev wants to provide Putin with all the room he needs.

Medvedev has been a ruling duo for years with Putin, who succeeded Boris Yeltsin as leader of Russia. Putin was allowed to stay a maximum of two consecutive terms as president.

That is why he became prime minister under Medvedev in 2008 and was able to become president again in 2012. Then Medvedev was his prime minister.

The announced constitutional changes would mean that the Duma will be given more powers, including choosing the prime minister. Putin has said that he wants to maintain a secure presidential system.

However, observers suggest that 67-year-old Putin is considering moving power to parliament and then assuming a strengthened role as prime minister after resigning as president in 2024.

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