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The Chinese Washed the Hacking Proceeds of North Korea

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North Korean state hackers robbed around 250 million dollars from a virtual money platform in 2018. In the case, the United States has now sued two Chinese.


They would have helped to launder part of the loot, around 100 million dollars, and to channel it through to North Korea.

The two suspects from China, Tian Yinyin and Li Jiadong, would have used around 113 accounts to launder the money.

The money was transferred back and forth and mixed with other transactions, making it impossible to discover the origin. When that was done, they sold the money. That went to North Korea, and they withheld some of it as compensation.

Cybercrime is an essential source of income for North Korea.

The country is held responsible for a few massive digital robberies, including the attempt to steal nearly a billion dollars from the Bangladeshi central bank in 2016.

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