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The Rise of Frankie Quiroz

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What started your eCommerce journey?

I didn’t grow up with a lot and I wanted a lot. I needed to create a life for myself and help my parents out financially. Entrepreneurship was the only option for me growing up. The only way I was going to help the people I cared about.

Do you think it is possible to scale a business using social media?

Yes, I think it’s the only way to build a brand in Today’s World. I look at it as a tool to tell your company or brands story. Social media is marketing at its best.

What made you choose the clothing industry?

I’ve loved Streetwear and fashion at such an early age. The first spark that initiated the thought of one day owning a brand was through skateboarding. From there, my passion only grew and I started to dab in my head into every other avenue of Streetwear. From music, graffiti, and b-boy dancing. I loved the culture and found the best way to represent it was through clothing.


How does it feel to have a network of over 30 million followers worldwide?

If you correctly use them, you can get a message out reasonably quickly. We use our social network to promote new products and also engage with our fans. It’s the fastest way of communication.

What encouraged you to offer your knowledge to others across your Youtube Channel and Facebook groups?

Every entrepreneur needs a mentor. When I was on the come up, it was tough to find information or an actual blueprint on how to build a clothing brand. It’s a blessing to be where I am today and the least I can do is help people climb to the top with me. I don’t charge a dollar for the information I know and I am always an open book with struggling entrepreneurs, I understand the position they are in.

Any advice to others that want to pursue a similar career?

Yes, the industry you pick is everything. The difference between a 1 million dollar company and a 10 million dollar is the product you sell and who you sell it too. Make sure you pick the right product with deep-pocket customers.

If you could go back in time, would you change the way you did anything?

Drake, the rapper has a perfect verse where he says “sometimes I wish I can go back in time, not to change sh*t, but to relive sh*t twice.” I feel the exact same way. I have no regrets as everything I have done, the footsteps I took have led to where I am today. Thank god.


What can we expect from you in 2020?

My life will change the most in 2020. One being I will be married to my lovely fiancé hopefully in November if we land the venue. As far as substantial business changes, we’re in talks with big distribution companies in Pakistan and China. We want to take Tuned in Tokyo and Drip Creationz to the next level, the finest way to do that is to make sure we can provide the best quality products to our customers. Now working with big companies overseas will help the streamline, experience and overall quality of the brands.

Where can we keep up to date with your life?

I’m an open book, so it feels so good not to worry about my private life so much. I post on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Everything I do as far as social is a complete circle of what I would like to see on social media myself. So I hope I’ve been inspiring others to be authentic and pursue who they want to one day be.

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