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Thieves Plunder German Museum’s Treasury: Greatest Art Theft in Post-War History

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Burglars smacked this morning at historic museum Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany, and stole antique traditional jewellery. According to the German press, this might be “the biggest artwork burglary in post-war historical past.” The perpetrators have got fled.


The perpetrators ruined a display case this morning around 5 a.m. and have stolen three diamond jewellery packages from your eighteenth century. This can include a established with twenty components and one with 37 pieces.

In accordance with the German newspaper Bild, the jewellery will be worth a billion euros, however the basic director in the Marion Ackermann art gallery cannot communicate the benefit accurately. In accordance with her, the material value is a lot lower than the social significance.

The director announced with a press meeting that the stolen jewels were not covered. They had been owned by the Land of Saxony for these kinds of quite a long time, and based on her, it is normal that they may no longer be covered by insurance at any given time.

According to Ackermann, the safety services was in your building throughout the theft, nevertheless the robbery could not be prevented, and the perpetrators was able to get away. Ackermann, the safety assistance are at your building through the robbery, nevertheless the robbery could not averted, and also the perpetrators managed to get away.

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