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Trump Still in Court Over The Apprentice Case

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It looks like Donald Trump (75) will soon appear in court. A judge in New York has issued a request to the former US president. He must be questioned in court before December 23 over defamation in a case brought by a former participant of the reality show The Apprentice.


A woman, Summer Zervos, sued former President Donald Trump in January 2017 for defamation and defamation. The woman claims she sought out Trump in 2007 for career advice. The two had met two years earlier during the reality show The Apprentice, in which she participated. Instead of giving advice, Trump would have kissed her against her will and groped her.

In 2016, during Trump’s presidential campaign, she came out with her story. Trump called her allegations “lies” and a “hoax.” Zervos then filed her lawsuit. It took a while before something could be done about it because a sitting president cannot be charged. But now that Joe Biden is president, nothing is standing in the way of a lawsuit.

The judge has now called on Donald Trump to testify. The deadline for that statement in court is December 23. His lawyers call the lawsuit “frivolous” and plan to defend the former president vigorously. In addition, they also want to file a lawsuit against Zervos because they believe that the woman has curtailed Trump’s free speech with her case.

Zervos demands that Trump retract his statements or apologize. She also wants compensation. Trump insists he is innocent and that this is a politically motivated case.

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