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UN Envoy of Ousted Afghan Government Wants to Hold Office

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The UN ambassador to the ousted government of Afghanistan holds onto his seat at the United Nations. It is still unclear whether the new rulers in his home country, the extremist Taliban, will put forward their own envoy.


A UN spokesman confirmed that Ambassador Ghulam Isaczai wants to keep his seat. That diplomat has also registered an Afghan delegation for the General Assembly of the United Nations, a consultative body representing all UN countries. A speech by Isaczai is scheduled for September 27.

At the UN, a special committee is responsible for the registration of diplomats. It usually meets in the fall. Until a decision is made, Isaczai can keep his seat. He was appointed by the government of Afghan President Ghani, who himself went abroad when the Taliban advanced to the capital, Kabul.

The Taliban took power in Afghanistan last month after a lightning strike. They also ruled over a large part of the country in the period 1996 – 2001. At the time, a dispute arose over who should represent Afghanistan at the UN. Because a decision was delayed, the envoy of the ousted President Rabbani was able to stay on for years at the time.

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