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Washington Thanks WHO and Promises to Pay

0 26,014

The new United States government thanks to the World Health Organization (WHO) for its leadership role in the fight against the coronavirus and pledges to pay everything the US is obliged to do.


The American “top immunologist” and top civil servant Anthony Fauci said this in a message to the WHO.

He also said the US is now participating in the Covax vaccination project with which 92 countries are collaborating for worldwide vaccination against the virus. President Trump did not want to participate.

Trump even withdrew his country from the organization because, in concert with Beijing, it would have been negligent and misleading.

In addition, Trump was keen to leave organizations for which the US pays the enormous bills. The US government accounts for 20 percent of the WHO’s revenues and billionaire couple Bill and Melinda Gates for 12 percent.

If the US had withdrawn entirely from the WHO, the couple would have become the largest donor.

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