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WHO Expects 40 Percent More People with Dementia by 2030

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The World Health Organization (WHO) expects that by 2030 the number of people with dementia in the world will increase by 40 percent, from 55 million to 78 million.


This expected increase is caused by both population growth and an ageing population.

The WHO is asking governments worldwide to implement national policies for the care of dementia patients. In 2015, health ministers made agreements about tackling dementia, but according to the WHO, the goals of this agreement are not being achieved.

This includes improving diagnostics and care. Currently, one in four countries has a policy to support dementia patients and their families.

The health organization emphasizes that dementia is a global problem. Sixty percent of dementia patients live in less prosperous countries, where there is less access to the right resources to care for them.

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