3 Trends Transforming The Luxury Sea Travel Industry

3 Trends Transforming The Luxury Sea Travel Industry

Whatever the future holds for the luxury sea travel market, it’s going to be big. The numbers are more than convincing: Yahoo Finance UK reports that the voyage tourism industry’s anticipated year-over-year growth is at around 12%, with an expected rise in market value that amounts to $4.24 billion (£3.52 billion) by 2026. This is due to the increase in the industry’s consumers as well as enticing ship and port structural developments.

With these positive projections and improvements, there are, of course, those who are enthusiastic to learn about what else is in store for their sea travel experiences. That said, here are 3 exciting key trends transforming the luxury sea travel industry in 2022.

Enhanced dining experiences

Sea journeys used to be best known for their all you can eat buffet offerings, but that is all changing. Explora Journeys, which offers luxury sea trips across the world, highlights how a seafarer’s dining options don’t need to be limited to buffets with the company offering distinct culinary experiences for their passengers. This emphasis on creating a gastronomic experience is being introduced across all luxury vessels. Richard Branson’s new Virgin Voyages ship, the Scarlet Lady will have the first Korean barbecue restaurant at sea, as well as venues by Michelin-starred chefs. It used to be the case that people left the ships to go to the best restaurants, that has all changed.

More exclusive and private perks

Sea travel companies are also looking into creating more special access areas. These are available only to passengers of the most luxurious staterooms, such as loft suites adorned with window walls and penthouses with Jacuzzis and marbled floors. Such exclusive areas can only be accessed through keycards. But the perks are not limited to special access spaces like ambient lounges and finely-stocked bars, exclusive packages extend to expensive self-care products and consumables.

Itineraries, too, are expanding exclusive areas to more private islands. Some examples can be found in itineraries for the Bahamas. There, luxury sea journey passengers get to enjoy picturesque white-sand beaches and the tropical Bahamian weather with little to no crowds.

Superior build and on-board technology

As mentioned above, the luxury boat market is expected to grow. And one of the key factors behind this growth is the creation of newer luxury ships. The new builds are carefully constructed according to the tastes of a luxury company’s target clientele. With nearly all customers owning a mobile phone, companies like Carnival Cruise Line, are updating their onboard technology so that all onboard TV content will be available on mobile devices. There’s also a noticeable industry-wide adoption of the Internet of Things to optimise their logistics to make your onboard experience hassle-free and contact-less. You no longer need to have cash and change on you all the time. With wearables—like wristbands—you can open doors, go shopping, and pay for services contactlessly.

For more updates on industry trends and market developments—luxury sea journey industry and more—visit Forbes News.

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