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Apple Is Rebuilding Map Service Altogether

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Apple is Rebuilding Map service Altogether. Apple is going to rebuild its mapping service Maps completely. The app must react better to temporarily closed roads and provide more visual information about the area, reports Planet Engine.


Apple wants all the data it needs for the card service itself, says Apple CEO Eddy Cue against tech website TechCrunch. When issuing the card service, Apple first used information from TomTom and the public maps of OpenStreetMap.

For its new card service, the company uses data collected by its moving cars with sensors. The company also collects anonymised data from Apple Maps users.

The updated maps have to be updated much faster than is currently the case. “As soon as a new road opens, we can see it rapidly and quickly adjust the map,” says Cue to TechCrunch.

The updated maps will be released later this year to the northern part of the state of California and will be rolled out in the rest of the United States in the coming year.

When Apple makes the new maps available outside the United States, it is not known.

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