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Apple Music Passes Spotify In The US By Paying Users

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Apple Music passes Spotify in the US by Paying Users. Apple Music has more paying users than Spotify in the United States for the first time.


According to a message from Digital Music News, Apple’s music service has more than twenty million paying subscribers in the United States.

Spotify has that too, but Apple Music would have outdone the service.

Precise figures were not published. Digital Music News was able to view the information via “a major American distributor”.

The division between Spotify and Apple Music is different outside the US.

The website writes that Apple Music now has 45 million paying users worldwide. Spotify has more than seventy million.

The music service of Apple Music does not have a free version.

Spotify does but then includes advertising. According to current figures, Spotify counts about ninety million users who do not pay for the service.

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