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“Stickers in WhatsApp are persecuted in Germany”

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“Stickers in WhatsApp are Persecuted in Germany for Nazi Propaganda.” The sticker function in WhatsApp is being misused in Germany to distribute images of Nazi propaganda, according to the report based on its research in nine WhatsApp groups.


WhatsApp, part of Facebook, added the ability to send stickers to its app in October.

Among other things, users can use third-party sticker packages.

This option is misused to share Adolf Hitler stickers, crosses, “Heil Hitler” statements, SS symbolism and other anti-Semitic content.

In November, a Jewish interest group raised the alarm about the extreme right-wing stickers,

 after which WhatsApp stated it was unacceptable.

Also, anti-Semitic chain letters are sent in the WhatsApp groups.

Participants also use an emoji in which a man or woman raises his right hand as a digital way to deliver the Hitler salute.

It is prohibited under German law to spread symbols of “unconstitutional organisations.”

In practice, the law has often been used to prevent Nazi symbolism.

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