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The Rock Only Does What It Wants To Do

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The Rock only does What it wants to Do. The actor and wrestler only play roles that he wants to represent himself and does not change for anyone, he said Monday in his reception speech for the Generation Award oeuvre prize during the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles.


When Dwayne started his acting career twenty years ago, it was different.

“When I started in Hollywood, they had no idea what the hell they were supposed to do with me.

I was a half-black, half-Samoan professional wrestler of 1.93m and 124 pounds and was told at the time that I had to be something else.

I had to lose weight, and I had to stop exercising and stop all the things that I like.

And I was no longer allowed to call myself The Rock. “

The 47-year-old actor initially did this well.

“For years I just took it because you think that’s what you have to do.

But I felt terrible about it.” So he made a choice.

“And the choice was that I would no longer adapt to Hollywood, but that Hollywood should adapt to me.

So Hollywood has adapted, and I am now being honoured here with the Generation Award. Wow.”

Dwayne hopes to be able to inspire others always to remain themselves,

 but it is at least as necessary that people positively influence each other.

“You do that by being kind, empathetic, involved, honest and good to people. That’s really what it’s about.”

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