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An Asteroid Appears from Another Solar System

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An Asteroid Appears from Another Solar System. Astronomers have discovered an asteroid coming from outside the solar system. The boulder rotates in about the same orbit around the sun as the planet Jupiter, only in the opposite direction, reports The English News.


The asteroid has been given the scientific name (514107) 2015 BZ509, in short BZ. The celestial body has a diameter of approximately 3 kilometres.

The researchers think that BZ reached the solar system some 4.5 billion years ago, which had just formed and remained here.

BZ follows a so-called reverse path, in the opposite direction to the rest of the solar system. According to the astronomers, this indicates that he is coming from somewhere else.

All the planets and almost all other objects in the solar system rotate in the same direction around the sun. That is the direction the gas cloud turned from which the solar system originated.

What the origin of the boulder is still unknown. Also, the composition is not transparent yet.

It is the first time that such asteroid has been found. Last year an asteroid from outside the solar system was also discovered, but it was ‘on the brink’. That asteroid was given the name Oumuamua.

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