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Biden and Xi Jinping Call First in Seven Months

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US President Joe Biden telephoned his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on Thursday. It was the first phone call between the two world leaders in seven months, the White House reported.


Biden wanted the conversation to ensure that the ‘competition’ between the two superpowers does not degenerate into a ‘conflict’.

Biden said during the conversation that the United States wants to maintain competitive dynamics between the two countries and does not want a situation that culminates in an unforeseen conflict, the White House said.

It was the first conversation between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping since February. Biden, who had just succeeded Donald Trump at the time, telephoned the Chinese president for two hours. Under Trump, relations between the two countries were very tense due to a trade war.

According to Chinese state media in Beijing, Xi said US policies had caused “serious problems” vis-à-vis China.

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