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British Opposition Demands Clarification Over Lockdown Photo of Prime Minister

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The British opposition has demanded clarification over a photo of Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to be relaxing in a garden with his wife and associates.


The Guardian newspaper published the image and said it was taken last year during a lockdown at the government leader’s official residence.

Earlier this month, the newspaper had already reported on the meeting, which would have taken place on May 15, 2020. Johnson would then have briefly attended a party with about twenty employees. That happened shortly after the government called on Britons to stay at home as much as possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The government has maintained that it is not a party but a work-related gathering. It would not be unusual for employees to meet in the garden. The Guardian questions this because the photo also shows bottles of wine. Nor does it appear to be social distancing.

Angela Rayner of the left-wing opposition Labor party sneered on Twitter that work meetings apparently looked different when Johnson attended the prestigious Eton College. “Enough is enough,” writes the Labor leader, demanding that Johnson “tell the truth” about the incident.

The row over the garden photo comes at a difficult time for the Conservative Prime Minister. He has already struggled with a rebellion within the Conservatives about his corona policy, with scandals surrounding other parties during the corona crisis and with the loss of a Conservative stronghold in midterm elections. Brexit minister Frost also resigned out of dissatisfaction with government policy.

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