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Charlize Theron Refused To Play Wonder Woman’s Mother

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Charlize Theron refused to play Wonder Woman’s Mother. There have been rumours for a long time that Charlize Theron has been approached to play the title role in the movie Wonder Woman, but these appear to be incorrect.


The 43-year-old actress has been asked to play the mother of the superheroine but did not accept this offer.

“they were working on a movie about Wonder Woman, someone told me,

 and they wanted me to get involved,” states Theron in Watch What Happens Live.

The Monster actress tells that she was therefore under the assumption that the production team wanted to approach her for the title role.

“I told them I didn’t know Wonder Woman well, so I asked what she did exactly.”

Then Theron found out that they didn’t want to ask her for the lead,

 but that they wanted to the actress to play Wonder Woman’s mother.

“This is a good example of how Hollywood gives you a slap in the face as you get older,” says the actress.

Theron is not bothered. “This was the moment I finally moved to the ‘older actresses’ category. And I was unaware of it.”

Theron is only nine years older than actress Gal Gadot (34), who played the title role in Wonder Woman.

The idea of the superheroine’s mother was finally played by Connie Nielsen (53), who is nineteen years older than Gadot.

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