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Exploding Gas Bottles In A Big Fire In Bergen Op Zoom

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Exploding Gas bottles in a Big fire in Bergen op Zoom. A massive fire broke out on Friday afternoon at a company on an industrial estate in Bergen op Zoom. Gas bottles exploded in the fire. An NL-Alert was issued due to the severity of the fire.


The fire was out. The signal fire was given to master at about 7 pm.

According to the safety region, the owner of the company has tried to acquire as many gas bottles as possible but has sustained burns. Also, two people were slightly injured.

Smoke draws about caravan camp
The company at the Oude Moerstraatsebaan is located near a residential area.

According to the safety region, the smoke from the fire goes over a nearby caravan camp to the peripheral road towards a GGZ institution.

According to the spokesperson, the people at the caravan camp have “a lot of trouble” with the smoke.

Cause of the fire unknown
The ANWB addresses that because of the smoke development, the A4 between Rotterdam and Antwerp is close to Klutsdorp and the Zoomland hub.

The ANWB recommends motorists to drive via the A59, A17 and A58.

The safety region advised people who suffer from the smoke to keep windows, doors and airing systems closed.

That warning was withdrawn around 7.30 pm, but the cause of the fire is yet to know.

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