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Flex Workers Get More Rights In The EU

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Flex Workers get more Rights in the EU. Part-time workers in the European Union with a contract of more than 12 hours per month get more rights.


It concerns agreements about availability and how long they need to be notified in advance about their next job.

If that job is at short notice, employers may not dismiss on-call workers.

Employers can no longer prohibit personnel with a zero-hours contract from taking on an additional job.

Also, flex workers are entitled to free training.

The probation period may in principle not last longer than six months.

The Member States and the European Parliament signed an agreement on this legislation.

It does not automatically apply to the disapproval of the trade unions for civil servants,

 military personnel, agents and the emergency services personnel.

The European Commission proposed more than a year ago to protect these workers better.

The current legislation dates back to 1991.

Anyone who accepts a job must from now on be informed of his rights and duties.

For example, they must be told about the number of working hours and the amount of paid days off.

According to EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen (Work),

 the agreement provides transparent and predictable employment requirements.

Now, according to her, there are about three million Europeans who do not. She spoke of a “big milestone” for a social Europe.

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