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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Condemned the Riots in the City of Stuttgart

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly condemned the riots in the city of Stuttgart last weekend.


The events were “horrible” and cannot be justified with anything. They were targeting the city and its officials, a government spokesman said.

According to the police, the riots in the southern German city involved between 400 and 500 people. At least 24 people have been arrested.

Nineteen officers were injured in confrontations with the rioters. Several stores were also destroyed and partially looted.

The unrest started when police checked a 17-year-old boy late Saturday night for possible involvement in a drug crime.

Almost three hundred people who were out and about in the centre decided to attack the agents with bottles and stones because of the control. Soon more people joined.

The government spokesman also thanked the police. The German government is well aware of what police officers do every day. He wished the injured people a speedy recovery on behalf of the government.

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