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Google Does Not Extend Controversial Cooperation

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Google does not Extend Controversial Cooperation with Pentagon: Google is collaborating with the US Department of Defense on image recognition with artificial intelligence. This controversial cooperation may not renew in 2019.


According to the 99 News, Diane Greene, head of Google Cloud, would have discussed that decision with employees on Friday. Google’s current contract with the Ministry of Defense will expire in 2019.

Google reports to Gizmodo that the contract will not renew due to the negative impression the partnership has had on Google lately.

Google’s decision to provide artificial intelligence to the ministry to analyse drone images caused resentment among employees and academics. Thousands of employees signed a letter asking Google to stop.

Building this technology to help the US government in military surveillance with possibly fatal outcomes, is unacceptable. Also, dozens of people would have resigned.

Earlier this week it was announced that Google is working on rules for the evolution of artificial intelligence, which will be used by the US military.

According to those guidelines, the army is in any case not authorised to use artificial intelligence from Google in weapons.

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