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More Than 1 Million Britons have Long-Term Covid

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About 1.3 million Britons suffer from complaints associated with long-term Covid. According to the British Bureau of Statistics ONS, this concerns 2 percent of the British population.


This mainly concerns people between the ages of 35 and 69, women, residents of poorer regions, staff in the health and education sector and people who already had underlying health problems.

40 percent of people with complaints had been infected with the coronavirus more than a year ago, 70 percent had been infected more than twelve weeks ago, and 21 percent less than twelve weeks ago.

Of the 1.3 million people, 64 percent are hindered in daily activities due to Covid complaints. 20 percent suffer from it enormously.

Symptoms of long-term Covid include hair loss, depression, anxiety attacks, headaches, breathing problems, chronic fatigue, kidney and liver problems, and heart failure. People can get long-term Covid after being infected with the coronavirus, even people with mild complaints.

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