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The Stock Exchange in Japan Closed Slightly Higher on Friday

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The stock exchange in Japan closed slightly higher on Friday. Investors took to the spin on Wall Street, where previous losses were being wiped out following reports of renegotiations in Washington for an additional bailout package for the world’s largest economy.


Fears of a second wave of corona infections in Europe kept profits limited.

The leading Nikkei in Tokyo started the weekend with a plus of 0.5 percent at 23,204.62 points. The Japanese main index lost 0.7 percent in the shorter trading week. The financial markets in Tokyo were only open for three days this week due to national holidays.

Car manufacturer Toyota was one of the strongest risers with a profit of 1.5 percent. The East Japan Railway and Central Japan Railway companies were part of the tail group with losses of 2.9 percent and 3.6 percent.

Elsewhere in the Asian region, the stock markets showed a mixed picture. In Shanghai, the stock market indicator was down 0.4 percent in the meantime, and the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong lost 0.3 percent. The Kospi in Seoul climbed 0.6 percent.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apologized for shooting a South Korean government employee earlier this week. The official’s death caused much outrage in South Korea.

The All Ordinaries in Sydney rose 1.4 percent. The four central Australian banks were in demand after the authorities’ announcement to simplify regulations for lending to consumers and small businesses.

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