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Big Dream Rihanna Explodes

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Big dream Rihanna Explodes. Unfortunately for her fans, despite heavy speculation, Rihanna (31) will not be featured in the new Batman film.


According to some, the singer seemed to hint in a video on Instagram as a villain Poison Ivy,

 but according to her, nothing is real.

She would, however, be open to it if she were asked.

In the video in question, Rihanna shows her followers a leather boot, driving in a car,

 with the caption “bat-mobile”, referring to the characteristic means of transport of superhero Batman.

“nothing to do with Poison Ivy,” she says to Entertainment Tonight on Friday.

“It’s an obsession of mine. I dyed my hair red because Uma Thurman did the same in the film (from 1997, ed.)”

Maybe not now, but never say never. “They haven’t called me yet.

But if they did, I’d like to try it. I’ve been to her on Halloween too.”

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