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Sister Louis Tomlinson Died Of An Overdose

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Sister Louis Tomlinson Died of an Overdose. Louis Tomlinson’s eighteen-year-old sister (27) died of an overdose in March.


Félicité had a mix of cocaine and painkillers alprazolam and oxycodone in her blood,

 the coroner announced on Wednesday according to British media.

The British did not take the drug cocktail to commit suicide.

“I found no evidence that it was a deliberate act to end her life.”

A doctor also revealed that Félicité had been struggling with addictions for years,

 and that Louis helped her several times during unsuccessful withdrawal attempts.

The coroner revealed her findings during a session attended by various relatives.

The former One Direction singer was not there.

27-year-old Louis has not commented in interviews about the loss of his sister.

He did, however, express his gratitude for all the support a few days after her death and said that he would focus on his music.

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