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Taylor Swift Does Not Want To Settle For Years

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Taylor Swift does not Want to Settle for Years with Kanye West. The fight between Taylor Swift (29) and Kanye West (42), which has been going on for years, does not seem to end for now.


The singer is completely done with the rapper and certainly not going to talk it out, she says in an extensive interview.

The issues started in 2009 when Taylor received the prize for best video clip during the MTV VMA.

Kanye considered the award should have gone to Beyoncé and stormed the stage.

It had a great effect on the singer.

“Because someone did not respect me and said that I did not deserve to stand there,

 I just wanted respect from him, and I hate that from myself.”

Shortly after that, the rapper apologised, and the two saw each other regularly,

 but in 2015 it was hit again when Kanye asked her to give him the Video Vanguard Award during the MTV VMA that year.

When the singer did that, he said MTV had only asked her for better ratings because of their history.

“I stood with my arms around his wife in the audience, while a cold shiver ran through my body.

I realised he has two faces.”

After a bunch of flowers, the singer decided to give him another chance,

 until Kanye called her a bitch on his song Famous a year later.

Then Taylor was done with it.

“If you want us to have problems with each other, then we have problems with each other.

But let’s be honest about it.”

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