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Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio: “Statements About Italy’s Budget”

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Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio: “Statements about Italy’s budget are Irresponsible.” Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio considers the earlier statements of his coalition partner Matteo Salvini irresponsible about breaching EU budget agreements.


According to Di Maio, the other vice prime minister is creating tensions on the market,

 he said during a press conference on Tuesday.

He responds to the statements made the same day by Salvini, the leader of the Lega Nord party.

Salvini stated that Italy would violate European agreements on, among other things,

 the budget deficit if that would bring the unemployment rate down.

Di Maio, who leads the Five Star Movement, states that the coalition should instead concentrate on reducing spending and tackling tax evasion.

Salvini and Di Maio also compete for votes in the elections to the European Parliament on 26 May.

EU officials are concerned about Italy’s growing budget deficit and Tuesday’s rulings.

“The Commission is divided over Italy.

Some members want stricter action, others want dialogue and compromise,” one of them told Reuters.

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