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Israeli Embassy Complains about Song Sanne Wallis the Show

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Israeli Embassy Complains about Song Sanne Wallis the Show. The Israeli embassy has complained about a satirical song in the television program Sanne Wallis de Show. The song, which was broadcast on Saturday, was a parody of the song Toy, with which the Israeli singer Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest, reported by eMedium.


In the parody, conducted by Martine Sandifort, it dealt with the Al-Aqsa mosque and the way Israel deals with Palestinians. The number also showed images of the Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, in the text on allegations, the Jews in Israel are out for money. Sandiford sings: “Open embassies, make sure you cash” and “of your dollars and cents and pecuniary-yes!”

In a reaction, BNNVARA states that it is not meant to be anti-Semitic. “In a parody of the song Toy, the makers have shown their views on the current events, now on the Israeli policy towards the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, so the parody is not about the Jewish community but the Israeli regime. “

The broadcaster says that the makers also do not refer to anti-Semitic prejudices. “The passages about world leaders and dollars that are now quoted have nothing to do with Nazi ideas: the reference is only made to the current close ties between Israel / Netanyahu and (in particular) President Trump, both politically and economically.” Sanne Wallis de Vries previously told the NOS that she does not want to go into anything.

Critics call the sketch anti-Semitic and regard the text as an attack on Israel. The Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI), a pro-Israeli organisation that wants to strengthen ties between the Netherlands and Israel, also criticised the song.

The Israeli embassy wrote a letter of protest to BNNVARA, the broadcaster that broadcasts the program of presenter Sanne Wallis de Vries. The Central Jewish Consultation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have also received a complaint according to Israeli media.

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