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Meta Obliges Booster Shot When Returning to the Office

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The staff of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, do not have to go to the office for the time being. However, the return has been postponed until the end of March at the earliest, US media reported.


According to the Wall Street Journal, employees will have to show that they have received a booster shot to enter the office.

Normally, Meta’s staff could have returned to the office at the end of this month, after months of telework due to the corona pandemic. But a return is now possible at the earliest on March 28.

It was previously known that all staff of Meta in the office must be vaccinated, now proof of the booster vaccine has been added.

However, many Meta employees still choose to continue to telecommute part-time or full-time. In addition, due to the advance of the omikron variant of the coronavirus, some companies and organizations in the United States have already postponed the return to the office.

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