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Musk’s Tweets Remain Under SEC Surveillance

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Elon Musk will have to have Twitter messages to influence Tesla’s stock price checked in advance by lawyers. An attempt by the founder of the carmaker to get out of previous agreements with the US stock watchdog SEC failed on Wednesday.


A judge in New York did not agree to Musk’s request for the measures to be lifted. The Tesla boss’s attempt to prevent the SEC from accessing documents related to his Twitter posts and selling Tesla stock and options also failed.

Tesla’s settlement with the SEC has to do with earlier tweets from Musk. He stated on Twitter in 2018 that he wanted to take Tesla off the stock exchange. Tesla eventually paid a fine because Musk misled investors. In addition, he had to give up his position as chairman of the company for a period of three years.

Musk asked the judge last month to end the surveillance. He alleged that the SEC is harassing him with comprehensive investigation requirements. In addition, the 2018 deal would violate his right to free speech.

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