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Topman Air France-KLM Smith Until January

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Topman Air France-KLM Smith until January also CEO at Air France. Air France-KLM CEO Ben Smith is also ultimately responsible at the Air France subsidiary until the end of the year.


Smith replaces Frenchman Franck Terner, whose resignation was accepted Thursday by the board of directors.

This appointment indicates that Smith, who has been CEO of the parent company Air France-KLM only since mid-August, will also be directly responsible for French society.

At Air France, the Canadian is instantly confronted with a long-running dispute between society and French pilots’ unions.

The current wage discussions have been running stiffly for some time.

Previously, The CEO of Air France-KLM, Jean-Marc Janaillac,

 left the company after a majority of the staff voted against a proposal from the then board on remuneration.

The conflict has led to various strikes. According to Air France-KLM,

 these have cost estimated hundreds of millions of pounds.

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