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Trump Considers Establishing A New Political Party

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Outgoing US President Donald Trump is considering establishing a new political party, and The Wall Street Journal reports based on insiders.


Trump has been discussing the idea with associates and confidants in recent days. He would like to continue to exert influence after leaving the White House on Wednesday.

Now still Republican, the president is said to have said he would call the party the ‘Patriot Party’. Trump has been at odds with the Republican party establishment since his supporters stormed the Capitol earlier this month.

Several Republican headlines, including influential Senate faction leader Mitch McConnell, have said Trump is to blame for the Washington parliament building that left five dead.

Although only 33 percent of Americans still see Trump as president, according to the latest poll, he still enjoys considerable popularity among Republican voters, particularly on the right flank of the party.

If Trump goes ahead with his plans, he can expect a lot of resistance from the Republicans, who are not waiting for voters to walk away.

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