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Trump Does Not Interfere With the Public When There is A Risk of Contamination

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President Trump is being tested for the coronavirus and will not interfere with the public if he can infect others.


His spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany assured this in a video message related to Trump’s travel plans. McEnany has also become infected, as have around 15 Republicans around Trump.

The president and his wife Melania tested positive for the virus just over a week ago, and Trump quickly got so bad that he was taken to a hospital just outside Washington. According to doctors and employees, he completely recovered over the weekend.

According to his entourage, he can go on an election campaign again ten days after his infection. Trump says he wants to go to Florida on Saturday and to Pennsylvania on Sunday. If the doctors are okay after Friday’s tests, he can go pack.

According to McEnany, Trump’s personal physician thinks the president can go on an election path on Saturday. Trump wants to hold rallies with voters, but it is unclear whether that is wise.

Friday evening, according to American media, he appears directly in an interview for the first time since his infection. He is then put to the test by the presenter and doctor Marc Siegel about his health and other matters.

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