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YouTube Tackles Manipulation by US Presidential Candidates

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YouTube has broadcasted that it will not allow manipulated or falsified content in the run-up to the US elections in November. The platform advocates a “sound political argumentation” because it wants to be a reliable source.


The prohibition of YouTube is not about movies where someone else’s statements are taken out of context, but about images that can cause damage, “for example a movie that has been manipulated to style it looks like a government official has died”.

Also, deception of voters, such as sharing a wrong election date, is not allowed. False claims about whether someone can be a candidate are also taboo.

YouTube also wants to know nothing about attempts to imitate others and attempts to artificially boost the number of views and likes.

YouTube works closely with a specialised team from owner Google, the Threat Analysis Group. He wants to prevent influencing voters.

In exactly nine months, the Americans will elect their new president. That means that in the coming months they will be bombarded with advertising videos, targeted advertisements, telephone calls, brochures and other campaign material full of half-truths and whole lies.

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