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Concerns in Japan to A Sudden Rise in Corona Cases

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In Japan, authorities have expressed concerns about the rise in corona infections.


The Japanese capital’s governor, Yuriko Koike, told the media that she and experts are considering using an alarm system called Tokyo-Alert for the first time to warn the population.

On Monday, the number of new infections per day had risen by 34. It is the first time in three weeks that this number has exceeded 30.

The source of the increase is thought to be in the entertainment areas of Tokyo.

Last week, the state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus was lifted in Japan. According to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan had managed to control the spread of the virus within two months.

He said the government has made very stringent requirements for lifting the exception and those requirements have been met.

With 126 million inhabitants, Japan is relatively slightly affected by the virus that first appeared in China compared to other countries in the region.

16,800 infections have been identified, and approximately 900 patients have died.

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