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More Than 125 Visitors Demand 750 Million from Travis Scott and Festival

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More than 125 people who attended rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival earlier this month are demanding compensation.


According to American media, the visitors want a combined sum of 750 million dollars from Scott and other organizers.

In the joint indictment, the rapper, promoter Live Nation, Apple Music, who live-streamed the festival, and location NRG Park in Houston are accused of negligence. Prosecutors say they should have intervened earlier to prevent ten people from being killed and dozens more injured.

There are already several charges against Scott, among others, because of the drama. The lawyer who represents the more than 125 visitors in the most recent complaint expects to file a complaint with more than a hundred festival-goers soon.

It is still being investigated why the situation got so out of hand during the festival.

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