Queen's Death Not Mentioned in Meghan's New Podcast

Queen’s Death Not Mentioned in Meghan’s New Podcast

After a four-week break due to the death of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle’s podcast Archetypes came online again on Tuesday.

It is striking that Prince Harry’s wife does not say a word about Queen Elizabeth or her death.

The silence about the Queen is striking but probably easy to explain. It is suspected that the episode was already recorded before the Queen died. It is, therefore, possible that the death will still be discussed in a later episode.

In the latest episode of Archetypes, Prince Harry’s wife Meghan talks to comedian and actress Margaret Cho and journalist Lisa Ling about Asian-American role models in the entertainment industry.

“Films like Austin Powers and Kill Bill presented caricatures of women with Asian roots. They were mainly presented as sexy or aggressive,” she says in the introduction to the episode, after which she indicates that these stereotypes determine the general image of women of Asian descent.

Meghan launched the podcast on Spotify in August and immediately reached the number one position worldwide on that streaming service. Unfortunately, she stopped the podcast after three episodes when Queen Elizabeth passed away.

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